Wallet tokenization

Collect and tokenize cards stored in Google and Apple Pay Wallets

Use the PCI Proxy wallet tokenization integrations to collect and tokenize cards stored in digital wallets such as Google and Apple Pay. Place a wallet button in your checkout and offer a secure, fast and seamless payment experience when booking your services.

When the cardholder selects Google or Apple Pay, a payment form with their stored cards is presented to them and makes manual card entry redundant. Each wallet transactions needs to be authenticated through Face or Touch ID and therefore increases the security of the transaction.

As a certified Google Pay and Apple Pay payment provider, PCI Proxy is able to receive and decrypt wallet specific tokens to the underlying FPAN or DPAN.

By converting wallet tokens to a PCI Proxy alias, your business stands to gain numerous benefits such as payment provider agnostic tokens, full flexibility, a minimized PCI DSS scope and enhanced security of your customers' payment data.

PCI Proxy supports different integration methods of the Google and Apple Pay buttons:

Integration methodDescriptionDocumentation
Hosted tokenization buttonPre-built tokenization buttons provided by PCI Proxy for web applications. Integrated via our Secure Fields integration.Link
Self hosted tokenization buttonDirect integration of the wallet provider API. It gives you full control over the wallet API and on the look and feel of your checkout.Link
Mobile SDK tokenization buttonPre-built tokenization buttons in the PCI Proxy SDK for native mobile applications.Link