Custom domains

If you would like to use your own domain name instead of our PCI Proxy endpoint URLS, you can do so while still being out of PCI DSS scope. This is convenient if, for instance, if you had an API endpoint shared with your parents and you don't want them to change it. There is no need to give up the administrative rights of your domain. Just create a CNAME record to map your domain or subdomain to a PCI Proxy domain.

Activate your Custom Domain

To provide you with a CNAME, send us an email with the following information:

  • your white label domain name;
  • the PCI Proxy URL - this is available after your integration is installed;
  • the target URL - where your HTTP request will be forwarded to.

Once we have all the above information, we will order a SSL certificate for you from our partner Digicert and you will have to demonstrate ownership of the domain. You will be assisted by one of our system engineers to validate the domain name by email or by a DNS TXT record and for the remainder of the process.

After the certificate is issued, we will provide you with the CNAME value, activate our server configuration and then we will verify together that everything works as expected.


We can start the Custom Domain process after your contract with us is signed and we have activated your production environment.


From the end of August 2020, trusted SSL certificates are no longer available for validity periods longer than one year. As such, we will renew the certificates issued by Digicert and you will be in contact with our system engineers for this process.