Onboarding and setup

Account activation

Each organisation intending to use Network Tokens needs to be registered at the respective scheme for which they want to use (VTS, MDES, AETS, for example) to receive a Token Requestor ID (TRID).

PCI Proxy acts as an on-behalf of token requestor (OBOTR), which means we store your TRID on your account and use it on your behalf to create Network Tokens. You can either delegate the TRID creation to PCI Proxy or bring your own TRID.

My organization does not have a TRID

In this case, we will take care of registration at the respective schemes. You will be in contact with our team to discuss your use case and to get required information to set you up. We will be in contact once you we have onboarded you at the relevant scheme and when your account is activated.


Visa VTS onboarding

Please note that the enrolment of your VISA VTS TRID can take up to 48 hours after sign-up.

My organization already has a TRID

Let our team know the relevant TRID details if you want to use an existing one. A TRID can be requested directly by your organization or through a third-party payment provider.

In either case, our team will configure and prepare your PCI Proxy account to create Network Tokens.

Sandbox TRID

To test Network Tokenizations in our sandbox, you do not need a TRID. We use a pre-defined static value to configure your account and minimize waiting time. Contact us to get your account set up for testing.