Displaying sensitive card data in a PCI compliant way.

If you have tokens already in our vaults, you can use the Show API to enable your end users or customers to reveal the underlying credit card or CVV in your application without the plain text data hitting your servers. This means that your PCI scope is still kept to a minimum despite revealing sensitive data to your end users.

The Show API comes with two fully configurable iframes which are hosted by us. They can be embedded into your front-end web applications or mobile applications and allows you to control the styling and UI, like in Secure Fields.

Before you start

You must be aware of security and compliance obligations as described in Security and Compliance.

Request access

This feature is only available by request and subject to approval by PCI Proxy. In the Dashboard, navigate to Project Settings and Request Show API Access.

We will review your request and work with you to understand your use case.