Third-parties send data to you and it is filtered by PCI Proxy.

Your partner sends data to you through PCI Proxy.

Your partner sends data to you through PCI Proxy.

Push (Channel) integrations are those where requests are initiated by your third-party partner it allows them to send you data which is filtered for sensitive data. The Channel is given a unique PCI Proxy endpoint which they can make requests to. Non-sensitive headers and payloads are kept without modification.

How it works

When you add a Push integration on your account, you will receive a {uniquePushKey} for each such integration. Together with our PCI Proxy Push API endpoint, you will have a unique PCI Proxy endpoint that is specific for that integration. You can then redirect requests coming from a Channel by changing your original API endpoint to the unique PCI Proxy endpoint.

Now, when a Channel sends a request to this unique PCI Proxy endpoint, we will match it to your account and any payloads or headers with sensitive data will be filtered into tokens. These tokens are stored in our vaults and we send your original API endpoint the filtered response.


If a Channel sends a request to its unique PCI Proxy endpoint, PCI Proxy recognizes this partner and connects it to your account. The request from the Channel will now be automatically filtered for sensitive data.

Located sensitive data will be instantly stored in our vaults while we insert the tokenized data in the request and forward it to your original API endpoint.