User Management

Controlling access to your accounts and projects.

As the creator of the sandbox account, you are automatically assigned with administrator permissions for the overall contract.

View current users by navigating to the Users tab on the menu bar.

As an administrator, you are allowed to invite new users to either Contracts or Projects. For each new user, you can assign various roles and access rights to them.

User roles

Access permissions are as follows. We differentiate between Contract and Project roles.

Contract roles

AdministratorFull access to contract and project menus. Manage users and edit roles.
WriteAccess and modify contract related data.
Read-onlyAccess to contract related data.
NoneNo access rights to contract (default).

Project roles

Users can have access to multiple projects within the account.

AdministratorFull access to project. Read and modify API keys.
WriteAccess and modify project related data. No access to API keys.
Read-onlyAccess to project related data. No access to API keys.
NoneNo access rights to projects (default).