Tokens to a Payment Gateway

Send your stored tokens through our gateway to acquirers with a single request

In addition to our tokenization services, we also act as an independent payment service gateway. We work with over 20 acquirers to allow you to forward tokens through PCI Proxy to any one of them.


In order to accept payouts from acquirers, you will need a contract with an acquirer we work with.

Contact us to confirm that we support your acquirer.

Supported payment methods and acquirers

See Supported Payment Methods and Acquirers for the full list.

Payment flows

Generally, you will use two endpoints to complete a payment journey which starts with your PCI Proxy tokens.

  1. Send a payment request using your token (also known as alias) to the authorize endpoint
  2. Settle the payment after a certain period (depending on the acquirer contract)

1. Authorize

Send a payment request using your PCI Proxy token to the authorize endpoint to reserve an amount on the particular payment method.

2. Settle

Also known as 'capture', this completes the transaction authorization.