PCI Proxy Documentation

Learn how to simplify your PCI compliance by using PCI Proxy: www.pci-proxy.com


Before we get started, take a minute and let us introduce you to the magic of PCI Proxy.

PCI Proxy is a tokenization service that reduces your PCI scope in a simple and secure way.

PCI Proxy let you instantly collect and store credit card data without touching your servers. Once stored and tokenized, you can simply use tokens to validate, charge, display, or forward your stored card data.

Our customer base spans across many different industries and business types. All of them have specific needs and processes in place. PCI Proxy is build with flexibility in mind to accommodate those needs at best.

PCI Proxy is a battle-tested tokenization solution that is powered by Datatrans AG, the leading Swiss Payment Service Provider.

PCI Proxy supports all major credit card brands:

Integration: Getting Started

PCI Proxy can be integrated by following these four steps. Simply level through our guides to achieve PCI compliance:


Don't hesitate to talk to us via email, phone, or Slack. We love to help you with the integration or other questions around PCI compliance or the PCI Proxy.

Phone: +41 44 256 81 91
Email: support@pci-proxy.com
Web: https://www.pci-proxy.com

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