About our vendor-independent 3D Authentication Solution.

Protect yourself against fraudulent transactions using our unique vendor-independent 3D Secure Authentication feature. Perform only the 3D Secure Authentication with us and share 3D Secure data with partners and payment gateways for payment authorization at a later stage.


You can access 3D Secure Authentication through Secure Fields, our Mobile SDKs or through our API using server-to-server calls.

Enrolment requirements

To use 3D Secure Authentications, you need an acquiring contract with your acquirer which is enrolled in 3D Secure. Your acquirer will provide you with data that you will need to provide to us in order to perform authentications. This includes:

acquirerMerchantIdA merchant identifier assigned to you by your acquirer.Represented in ISO 8583 format.Variable, maximum 35 characters
acquirerBinThe identification code for the acquiring institution.Variable, maximum 11 characters
mccThe Merchant Category Code is a classification of the type of business, product or service a merchant provides.4 characters
merchantNameThe name which will be displayed on the Access Control Server page. See Technical details for more information.Variable, maximum 40 characters


Contact us if you would like to use 3D Secure with American Express cards.

Scheme compatibility

We support the latest 3D Secure 2 standards from EMVCo.

Card brandCode3D Secure 2 version
American ExpressAMX2.2
Diners ClubDIN2.1
Union PayCUP2.2

Dynamic 3D Secure

Due to regulations from the European Banking Authority SCA has been a standard in the European Economic Area since 2019. 3D Secure supports this regulation by two-factor authentication. Our solutions detect when a customer's card is issued in the EEA and only apply 3D Secure Authentication in this case.

Transactions without 3D Secure Authentications are not covered under liability shift protections, so we recommend enforcing 3D Secure Authentications when possible, even if it increases friction during checkout.

Contact us if you would like to turn on 3D Secure Authentication for non-EEA jurisdictions.