Request Statuses and Webhooks

More about how your Document Vault works.

Request Statuses

A Document Vault request can have the following statuses:

PendingA new Upload Link has been requested. No other action occurred.
Documents providedA new document has been uploaded.
ViewedThe document has been viewed. The expiration counter has started.
ApprovedThe document has been approved.
RejectedThe document has been rejected.


Webhooks allow you to receive the current status of a request. A webhook will be triggered automatically after certain operations on the request resource. Including a URL in the webhookEndpoint parameter in the payload of the request will let you to get the status of a document at that URL. For example,

  "id": "2DE3F521-39C1-4F86-BF99-F8616260D2C2",
  "reference": "1337",
  "status": "UPLOADED",
  "validUntil": "2022-03-30T12:35:06.070Z"

An update is sent to this URL for the following statuses: Documents provided, Viewed, Approved and Rejected.