Standalone API

Request clear text Network Tokens

Request a plain text Network Token for a given PAN directly with the Network Token standalone API.
With this approach you receive the clear text Network Token together with the Network Token expiry date directly in the response of the API. Next to that you will still receive our alias v2 format as it is required for all subsequent Network Token related operations such as requesting the cryptogram or checking on the status of a Network Token.

Request access

This API is only available upon request. Please get in touch with our team to activate it for you.

Example request

For the full API specification please see the API reference

curl -L -X POST '' \
-H 'Authorization: Basic {PCIP merchantId}:{API password}' \
-H 'Content-Type: application/json' \
--data-raw '{
    "requests": [
            "type": "CARD",
            "pan": "4343434343434345",
            "expiryMonth": "12",
            "expiryYear": "25",
            "networkTokenOptions": {
                "createNetworkToken": true
    "overview": {
        "total": 1,
        "successful": 1,
        "failed": 0
    "responses": [
            "type": "CARD",
            "alias": "7LHXscqwAAEAAAGK9XTQlTBAi4aeAGav",
            "maskedCC": "222285xxxxxx7008",
            "fingerprint": "F-cg_iu0Xulk1UNMtL57hZW3",
            "networkToken": {
                "status": "ACTIVE",
                "tokenCreated": true,
                "token": "2222850249900685",
                "expiryMonth": "11",
                "expiryYear": "26"


For any further downstream operation (requesting Network Token status or a cryptogram) please use the PCI Proxy alias.