Learn about our newest feature development.

Managing multiple receivers in your PCI Proxy set up can increase development complexity significantly. Merchants with such set ups can benefit from an orchestration layer in which they set sets of rules, which we call Workflows, that can be attached to and executed before a payment or payload more generally, is sent to a receiver.

One of our goals of providing such a solution is to empower merchants to define and execute their own Workflows. This is possible through a structured API to define and execute business logic. Payment attributes such as the transaction amount, currency, BIN range can be used to define logic and route payments.

We are in the process of rolling this feature out and currently support the following receivers, which correspond to existing PCI Proxy integrations:

  • Stripe,
  • Adyen,
  • Datatrans.

Check out the details docs for more information and contact us to be a pilot merchant! We would love to get to know your specific use case and work with you.