Current industry support

As a new industry initiative, adoption and support of Network Tokens is ramping up.

Scheme support

As of December 2023, PCI Proxy is a certified token requestor for Visa VTS and Mastercard MDES (including Maestro cards).


Support for American Express AETS will be active by end of Q2 2024.

Other brands are being reviewed and steadily integrated, so get in touch if you want to use other brands.

Alias format support

Network Tokens only work with Alias 2.0 and Alias 2.0 length preserving formats. No exemptions can be made here due to security reasons.

Receiver support

Check whether your Receiver can process Network Tokens created by a third-party (PCI Proxy, in this case).

Keeping up with industry

Although Network Tokenization is a global mandate coming from the major card schemes, adoption of it depends on the region, country and issuer. We are actively enhancing Network Tokenisation capability to offer customers more value from it.