Proceed with the steps below to process Secure Fields payment transactions:

  • Call the /v1/transactions/secureFields endpoint to retrieve a transactionId. The success result of this API call is a HTTP 201 status code with a transactionId in the response body.
  • Initialize the SecureFields JavaScript library with the returned transactionId:
var secureFields = new SecureFields();
    transactionId, {
        cardNumber: "cardNumberPlaceholder",
        cvv: "cvvPlaceholder",
  • Handle the success event of the secureFields.submit() call. Example success event data:
    "data": {
  • If 3D authentication is required, the redirect property will indicate the URL that the browser needs to be redirected to.
  • Use the Authorize an authenticated transaction endpoint to authorize the Secure Fields transaction. This is required to finalize the authorization process with Secure Fields.
  • Use the transactionId to check the status and to settle, cancel or credit (refund) an transaction.