February 2023

New Alias manage API - PATCH Alias: Update an existing alias with the expiry date or remove the underlying PAN from your vault with the PATCH Alias endpoint.

December 2022

New integration method - Tokenisation Link: Collect and tokenise sensitive card data with our new Tokenisation Link integration.

November 2022

New feature - Network Tokenisation v1, New payment methods supported - 3D Secure authenticate, New API - Reverse Vault API, Mobile SDK - Release version 2.4

October 2022

New API - Vault API, Mobile SDK 2.3 released

September 2022

New token format - Alias 2.0 length preserving: A new length preserving alias format has been introduced. Here you find all available token formats.

August 2022

New API - Show API for native mobile applications, Secure Fields: Expiry Date Support, Hipercard support

July 2022

New API - Show API for web applications: We have revamped the Show API to reveal card data web apps - see Show to learn more.

May 2022

New feature - Receiver AOC overview: A new menu has been added to the Dashboard to see an overview of your Receiver AOC's.

April 2022

New product - Document Vault: We have released the Document Vault - a new tool to collect and review sensitive documents.

January 2022

New TOKEN endpoint, Idempotency and Secure Fields: Autofill support.