Process Flow

The Pull method allows you to send a request via PCI Proxy to a Receiver API endpoint. Your payload will be filtered for tokens which will be automatically detokenized and sent further to the Receiver API endpoint. Just add the specified header parameters to your request and redirect your request to our /v1/pull endpoint. All the other headers and your payload will be kept and routed through PCI Proxy without modification.
PULL method - API request
In test mode, only test credit cards are allowed.


Once a PULL Receiver is added to your project, simply redirect requests to it via the PCI Proxy:
Forward to Stripe
curl \
-H 'x-cc-merchant-id: 1000011011' \
-H 'pci-proxy-api-key: api-key' \
-H 'x-cc-url:' \
-u sk_test_BQokikJOvBiI2HlWgH4olfQ2: \
-d 'card[number]=AAABcHxr-sDssdexyrAAAfyXWIgaAF40' \
-d 'card[exp_month]=12' \
-d 'card[exp_year]=2018'
"id": "tok_1CHoPL2eZvKYlo2Ck6KE483n",
"object": "token",
"card": {
"id": "card_1CHoPL2eZvKYlo2CrbEHZ0G1",
"object": "card",
"address_city": null,
"address_country": null,
"address_line1": null,
"address_line1_check": null,
"address_line2": null,
"address_state": null,
"address_zip": null,
"address_zip_check": null,
"brand": "Visa",
"country": "US",
"cvc_check": null,
"dynamic_last4": null,
"exp_month": 12,
"exp_year": 2018,
"fingerprint": "Xt5EWLLDS7FJjR1c",
"funding": "credit",
"last4": "4242",
"metadata": {},
"name": null,
"tokenization_method": null
"client_ip": "",
"created": 1523950759,
"livemode": false,
"type": "card",
"used": false
Your request is automatically filtered for tokens. Located tokens are detokenized and your payload is populated with full card data before it arrives at the Receiver endpoint. Thereby, the Receiver API endpoint obtains full credit card data.
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