Release Notes

Timeline of PCI Proxy releases

March 2023

Mobile SDK - Release version 2.7
The mobile SDK implementation is now returning the expiry date of a card directly to the SDK.
Please refer to our dedicated Android and iOS release notes for more details.

February 2023

New Alias manage API - PATCH Alias

Update an existing alias with the expiry date or remove the underlying PAN from your vault with the PATCH Alias endpoint.

December 2022

New integration method - Tokenisation Link
Collect and tokenise sensitive card data with our new Tokenisation Link integration.

November 2022

New feature - Network Tokenisation v1

We have released the PCI Proxy Network Tokenization solution.

New payment methods supported - 3D Secure authenticate

We have added support for the payment methods JCB, DNK and CBL to our 3D Secure authentication solution.

New API - Reverse Vault API

We have added detokenization support to the Vault API.
Mobile SDK - Release version 2.4
The mobile SDK implementation is now supporting CVV only tokenization.
Please refer to our dedicated Android and iOS release notes for more details.

October 2022

New API - Vault API

Interact directly with our Token vault and tokenize card data or custom values. The Vault API replaces the previous XML Alias Gateway API.

Mobile SDK - Release version 2.3

  • A new cardInfo object containing card meta data will be returned by the mobile SDKs.
  • API renaming to be more consistent with other PCI Proxy APIs
Please refer to our dedicated Android and iOS release notes for more details.

September 2022

New token format - Alias 2.0 length preserving

A new length preserving alias format has been introduced. Here you find all available token formats.

August 2022

New API - Show API for native mobile applications
We have built a new API to securely reveal sensitive card data in native mobile applications.
Secure Fields - Added expiry date support
It is now possible to optionally submit the expiry date in our tokenisation Secure Fields integration.
New Payment method - Hipercard
Our integrations are now supporting tokenisation for Brazilian card brand Hipercard.

July 2022

New API - Show API for web applications
We have revamped the Show API to reveal card data web apps - see Show to learn more.

May 2022

New feature - Receiver AOC overview
A new menu has been added to the Dashboard to see an overview of your Receiver AOC's.

April 2022

New product - Document Vault
We have released the Document Vault - a new tool to collect and review sensitive documents.

January 2022

New TOKEN endpoint
The GET TOKEN endpoint has been replaced with a new TOKEN API.
We have added Idempotency handling for the TOKEN API. See the details here
Secure Fields - Added autofill support
We have added support to autofill expiry date and CVV code for the Secure Fields integration.

September 2021

Redesign - NoShow authentication email
We have redesigned the look and feel of the NoShow authentication email.

July 2021

New Process for Compliance Check of Receivers
A new, automated process for the compliance renewal of the Receivers has been introduced.

June 2021

New Integration - Mobile SDK (Android & iOS)
Use our mobile libraries for native Android & iOS apps to tokenize cardholder data and to process 3D Secure.

May 2021

New Value Returned - Status API

In addition to debit and credit the Status API now also returns prepaid in the property.

April 2021

Alias 2.0 - Return fingerprint
We now return a unique identifier (fingerprint) for the Alias 2.0 from all relevant APIs. Learn more about our various token formats here.
Secure Fields API - Bank Account Tokenisation
We have added support for tokenizing IBAN, Account Number and Branch code to the Secure Fields integration.

March 2021

Dashboard - USD Pricing

We have added USD on our pricing page.

February 2021

Dashboard - Enhanced Usage Statistics

We have improved the usage statistics overview. You can now filter usage across all available sources.

New API Parameter - Status API

We are now returning transStatusReason object from the get GET Status API

New API Parameter - Token API

We are now returning CardInfo object from the GET Token API

New API Parameter - PATCH API

It's now possible to update the currency with the PATCH API

January 2021

Dashboard - Security Improvement

We take security seriously and will check your login password against previously exposed data breaches by using
New API Paramater - Status API
We are now returning cardHolderInfo object from the Status API

December 2020

New Feature - Traffic Inspector

We have added a new feature to monitor and debug traffic in real time. Learn more about the Traffic Inspector here.
Improvement - Usage Statistics
We have improved the usage statistics in the PCI Proxy Dashboard. It allows you to filter usage across each single integration assigned to your project on contract level.

November 2020

New APIs - Token Management
You can now interact with tokens stored in the PCI Proxy vault with our brand new Manage APIs.