Network Tokens (beta)
PCI Proxy Network Tokenisation service
PCI Proxy Network Tokenisation service is a beta feature which enables merchants to increase their payment success rate and improve their security.
As of today, Datatrans/PCI Proxy is a certified Token Requestor Provider for Visa (VTS) and MasterCard (MDES) network tokenisation. Support for American Express (AETS) will be added later this year.

Network Tokens

Network Tokenisation is a concept introduced by the card schemes such as Visa, Mastercard and AMEX, based on the technical framework provided by Emvco ( Thereby, a Network Token (also called DPAN) is a 16 digit Primary Account Number (PAN) alternative which is unique per each cardholder as well as per mechant. Like a regular PAN, Network Tokens can be used for completing ecom transactions or sharing them with other partners in the payment eco-system.
By using PCI Proxy APIs a Network Token will be automatically generated once a cardnumber is collected - without any further implementation effort on your side.

How can my business benefit from Network Tokens?

Network Tokens offer a wide range of benefits for merchants such as:
  • Account lifecycle management (Card Updater)
    • Pro-active updates for credit card credentials
    • Network Token status (active, suspended, etc)
  • Higher conversion rate
    • Less declines due to automatically updated credit card credentials
    • Significantly higher authorisation rate at issuers compared to payments made without Network Tokens
  • Increased security & less fraud
    • Strict domain control / Merchant specific tokens
    • Each token has a one-time cryptogram
  • Card art
    • Get a picture of the card to show in the customer profile
  • Future-proof: Being ready for upcoming card services
    • Push provisioning
    • Delegated authentication
    • Improved guest check-out

Who should use the Network Tokens?

Merchants and Service Providers across various industries can benefit from Network Tokens. The following use cases are pre-distined for using Network tokenisation:
  • Subscription based businesses
  • Recurring businesses
  • Fintechs

How to get access to the PCI Proxy Network tokenisation feature?

Simply drop us a message if you're interested in taking advantage of Network Tokens. Our team will reach out and find the best way how to proceed together with you. \
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