Network Tokens (beta)
PCI Proxy Network Tokenisation service
PCI Proxy Network Tokenisation service is a beta feature which enables merchants to increase their payment success rate and improve their security.
As of today, Datatrans/PCI Proxy is a certified Token Requestor Provider for Visa (VTS) and MasterCard (MDES) network tokenisation. Support for American Express (AETS) will be added later this year.

Network Tokens

Network Tokenisation is a concept introduced by the card schemes such as Visa, Mastercard and AMEX, based on the technical framework provided by Emvco ( Thereby, a Network Token (also called DPAN) is a 16 digit Primary Account Number (PAN) alternative which is unique per each cardholder as well as per mechant. Like a regular PAN, Network Tokens can be used for completing ecom transactions or sharing them with other partners in the payment eco-system.
By using PCI Proxy APIs a Network Token will be automatically generated once a cardnumber is collected - without any further implementation effort on your side.

How can my business benefit from Network Tokens?

Network Tokens offer a wide range of benefits for merchants such as:
    Account lifecycle management (Card Updater)
      Pro-active updates for credit card credentials
      Network Token status (active, suspended, etc)
    Higher conversion rate
      Less declines due to automatically updated credit card credentials
      Significantly higher authorisation rate at issuers compared to payments made without Network Tokens
    Increased security & less fraud
      Strict domain control / Merchant specific tokens
      Each token has a one-time cryptogram
    Card art
      Get a picture of the card to show in the customer profile
    Future-proof: Being ready for upcoming card services
      Push provisioning
      Delegated authentication
      Improved guest check-out

Who should use the Network Tokens?

Merchants and Service Providers across various industries can benefit from Network Tokens. The following use cases are pre-distined for using Network tokenisation:
    Subscription based businesses
    Recurring businesses

How to get access to the PCI Proxy Network tokenisation feature?

Simply drop us a message if you're interested in taking advantage of Network Tokens. Our team will reach out and find the best way how to proceed together with you. \
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