Release notes

See our latest features, changes and improvements on the PCI Proxy platform.

January 2021

New parameter available - GET Status API

We have added a new parameter cardHolderInfo in the response of the /v1/transactions/{transactionId} API request which returns the following information:

Text provided by the ACS/Issuer to Cardholder during a Frictionless transaction that was not authenticated by the ACS. The Issuer can optionally provide information to Cardholder. For example, “Additional authentication is needed for this transaction, please contact (Issuer Name) at xxx-xxx-xxxx.”

December 2020

New feature - Traffic inspector

We have added a new feature to monitor and debug traffic in real time. Learn more about the Traffic Inspector here.

Improvement - Usage statistics

We have improved the usage statistics in the PCI Proxy Dashboard. It allows you to filter usage each single integration assigned to your project on Contract level.

November 2020

New APIs - Token management

You can now interact with tokens stored in the PCI Proxy vault with our brand new Token management APIs. Check out Manage to see how they work.