Process Flow

Push method allows you to receive already tokenized card data on a uniquePushKey endpoint. Channels can push requests to this unique PCI Proxy endpoint containing credit card data in its payload. Hence, it is routed via PCI Proxy, the payload is filtered for credit card data and automatically tokenized. All other headers and payloads will be kept and routed through PCI Proxy without modification.
Push channel flow with PCI Proxy
PUSH method - API request
The masked card number will be returned in the response as an HTTP headerpci-proxy-masked-aliases AAABcHxr-sDssdexyrAAAfyXWIgaAF40=424242xxxxxx4242
In test mode, only test credit cards are allowed.


When you add a PUSH Integration to your account, you receive an {uniquePushKey} for each integration that is set up. Together with our PCI Proxy PUSH service URL, it results in a unique PCI Proxy Endpoint that is specific to that integration. Now, redirect requests coming from a Channel with a single step:
  1. 1.
    Change the endpoint at your partner from Your API Endpoint to the unique PCI Proxy Endpoint
If needed, whitelist the IP addresses of PCI Proxy at your partner.
If a Channel sends a request to its unique PCI Proxy Endpoint, PCI Proxy recognizes this partner and connects it to your account. The request from the Channel will now automatically be filtered for sensitive data. Located sensitive data will be instantly stored in our vaults while we insert the tokenized data in the request and forward it to Your API Endpoint.
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