Onboarding & Activation

Learn how to activate your account for Network Tokenization
Before you can start using Network Tokens each organisation needs to be registered at the respective Scheme (VTS for VISA, MDES for Mastercard and AETS for American Express) to receive a so called TRID (Token Requestor ID - unique merchant identifier at the schemes).
As PCI Proxy acts as an on-behalf token requestor, we will store your TRID on your account and use it on your behalf to create Network Tokens. You can either delegate the TRID creation to PCI Proxy or bring your own TRID.
My organisation does not have A TRID We take care of the registration. Our team will reach out to you and asks for the required information about your business. You will be informed once the onboarding at the scheme is completed and your account is activated.
Please note that requesting a new TRID needs some time. We currently expect to create a new TRID within a timeframe between two weeks and up to one month.
My organisation already owns a TRID Please inform our team with the relevant information if you want to use an existing, previously created TRID. This can be either requested directly by yourself or done by a third party payment provider.
In both cases, our team will configure and prepare your account to create Network Tokens.

Sandbox TRID

To test Network Tokenization on sandbox you don't need a TRID. We use a predefined static value to configure your account and minimize waiting times. Please reach out to our team to get your account ready for testing.