Network Tokenization

PCI Network Tokenisation v1 solution

What is Network Tokenization?

Network Tokenisation is a tokenization concept introduced by the card schemes such as Visa, Mastercard, and AMEX. It is based on the technical framework provided by EMVCo. The Network Token (also called DPAN) is a 13-19 digit Primary Account Number (FPAN) alternative which replaces the FPAN. It removes the need to store clear text card numbers on any system in the payment chain. A Network Token is unique per each cardholder as well as per merchant which increases the security and reduces the risk of fraud. Like a regular PAN, Network Tokens can be used for completing e-commerce transactions or sharing them with other partners in the payment eco-system.
We at PCI Proxy provide a solution which enables you to create such Network Tokens while keeping the normal PCI Proxy integrations, processes and tokens. This allows you to benefit from industry leading advantages of PCI Proxy such as a simple technical integration, a fully Payment Provider agnostic solution and best practice in-built security while not changing anything. In short, you still have the full flexibility without touching sensitive payment data.
Network Tokenization comes with many more benefits on top. See below how Network Tokens can help you to benefit from our future proof solution.

How can my business benefit from Network Tokens?

Network Tokens offer a wide range of benefits for organisations such as:
Lower payment acquiring fees
  • From what we have seen in the market, acquirers tend to offer lower acquiring processing fees when using Network tokens. Mainly due to increased security and lower risk.
Higher Conversion-rate
  • Fewer declines due to automatically updated credit card credentials
  • Significantly higher authorisation rate at issuers compared to payments made without Network Tokens


  • Meet local compliance requirements such as the Reserve Bank of India initiative
Increased Security & Less Fraud
  • No need to expose sensitive payment card data
  • Strict domain control / Merchant specific tokens
  • Each Network Token has a one-time cryptogram
Account Lifecycle Management (coming soon)
  • Receive notification if the Network Token state changes
  • Change the state of a Network Token
Future-Proof: Being ready for upcoming card services (coming soon)
  • Card art - get a picture of the card to show in the customer profile
  • Push provisioning
  • Delegated authentication
  • Improved guest check-out

How to get started?

Learn how to onboard and activate your account for Network Tokens on the following pages. If you are not yet a user of PCI Proxy please sign-up for an account here and you will be contact by our team.