3D Secure v2

Use PCI Proxy as a standalone authentication service for 3D Secure v2.

Secure Fields Authentication Only integration allows you to securely collect sensitive card data (card number and CVV code) by injecting iframes to your DOM and perform an Authentication Only call to validate a cardholder via 3D Secure v2. Decoupling Authentication from Authorization enables you to forward 3D data to an independent 3rd party payment provider.

A 3D Secure transaction can go either through a challenge or a frictionless flow.

If you decide to do Authorization with Datatrans payment gateway please continue with sending the payment request to our Authorize API after finishing the authentication.

Using Secure Fields qualifies you for SAQ A.

If your business is located outside the European Economic Area (EEA) or if you don't need to apply 3D Secure process for another reason please go with our default Secure Fields implementation.

You are a PCI Level 1 compliant company, running a native mobile application or simply want to separate card capturing and authentication flow?

That's solved as well. Just have a look at our Server-to-Server based approach.